Articles related to worker guidance

Worker self-inspection with digital worker guidance

Worker self-inspection as a lever for error-free manual production

by André Nimtz & Maren Fichtner | July 3, 2024

If errors in production are detected too late or not at all, the result is costly rework or even customer complaints. You can remedy this with worker self-inspection.

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Securing experiential knowledge for knowledge transfer

Securing experiential knowledge & making it usable for knowledge transfer

by Maren Fichtner & André Nimtz | May 30, 2024

Experiential knowledge is essential for productive processes. To ensure that everyone benefits from this, you need a powerful knowledge transfer system. We take a look at what exactly that means.

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Connected work and connected worker platform

Connected worker platform: how to establish connected work in your production

by André Nimtz & Maren Fichtner | April 25, 2024

In the form of the connected worker, the worker becomes the essential link between task and technology. What is needed for this? The right platform.

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Knowledge retention: an experienced worker passes on his knowledge to a young colleague

More important than ever: securing knowledge in production – with the help of worker guidance

by Christin Senftleben | December 11, 2023

With increasingly networked production and constant personnel changes, knowledge retention and transfer are more important than ever. With digital worker assistance, you create the basis.

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New work in producktion

New work in production and how worker assistance can relieve your employees

by Christin Senftleben | September 28, 2023

Digital technologies, new tasks and, last but not least, the shortage of skilled workers pose challenges for employees. New Work focuses on supporting the employee.

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Digitale Werkerführung mit einem modernen Werkerführungssystem

7 advantages of worker guidance with a digital worker guidance system

by André Nimtz | June 28, 2023

A modern worker guidance system supports your workers and creates security and transparency. But digital worker guidance has many more advantages compared to worker guidance with paper and Excel.

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Worker guidance system weasl for a sustainable production

More sustainability in production - with weasl

by Christin Senftleben | April 17, 2023

With a modern worker guidance system like weasl, you increase sustainability in your company. We show you what the added values of our system are.

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Worker guidance in glass production at SCHOTT

Integrated worker guidance with weasl at SCHOTT: the human being in production

January 19, 2023

When it comes to achieving the highest product quality, the error-free work of the workers is the top priority. For this reason, SCHOTT AG relies on our weasl worker guidance system.

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Preventing skills shortages with worker guidance

Beating the shortage of skilled workers - with digital worker guidance

by Christin Senftleben | December 12, 2022

The shortage of skilled workers in production will continue to worsen. But with a digital worker guidance system, companies can increase staff available.

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Digital work instructions for optimizing your production

4 reasons for digital work instructions in your business

by Christin Senftleben | May 12, 2022

Digital work instructions bring numerous advantages in terms of creation, versioning, processing and documentation compared to classic work instructions.

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Digitalization funding for weasl licenses

Get federal funding for worker guidance licensing costs

by Christin Senftleben | April 21, 2022

Funding for digitization from the federal government is not only available for hardware and training. Licenses for a worker assistance system like weasl are also eligible.

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Worker guidance systems and what they can do for your company

What are the benefits of worker guidance systems?

by André Nimtz | March 15, 2022

A worker guidance system supports your employees in manual processes in production and maintenance, enabling sustainable optimization of production processes.

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Articles related to IIoT solutions

Custom software for a more efficient production

Custom software: background, best practices, examples

by Maren Fichtner & André Nimtz | July 10, 2024

Custom software is the ideal solution wherever standard software is too expensive, oversized or simply not suitable.

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Digitalization of production

Digitalization of production: 6 steps to success

by Maren Fichtner & André Nimtz | March 14, 2024

The term "digitalization of production" covers a wide range of possibilities. We show you which ones and how you should proceed.

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Interview with Sven Rotzsche about sustainable IT architectures

Interview with Sven Rotzsche about sustainable IT architectures

by Christin Senftleben | June 5, 2023

If you want to make sustainable decisions, you need a meaningful data basis. That, in turn, is achievable with the right IT architecture, as Sven Rotzsche reports.

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Worker performing maintenance work on the machine

Act at the right moment thanks to predictive maintenance

by André Nimtz | Juni 2, 2023

Thanks to predictive maintenance, you can use real-time data to create forecasts for needs-based machine maintenance and effectively avoid downtime.

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Interview with Sebastian Härtner: Is MTP finally ready for real-world use?

Interview with Sebastian Härtner: Is MTP finally ready for real-world use?

by Christin Senftleben | April 6, 2023

With the Module Type Package, the process industry is gaining flexibility. We discussed exactly where MTP and modular plant engineering stand with Dr. Sebastian Härtner from Merck.

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Employee in the process industry use PEAs integrated via Module Type Package

Module Type Package (MTP): the start for the highly flexible process industry

by André Nimtz | February 24, 2023

With the Module Type Package, modern plant modules can provide their complete functional description themselves. This brings enormous flexibility to the process industry.

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