Our ambition

We are programmed for growth and want to work with our employees in the long term to create a joint professional perspective at iSAX. In order to live up to this ambition, we focus on three key areas:

  • Embedding our employees in an open and fair corporate culture. We are constantly developing this culture and involving our employees in its design.
  • Our employees pursue their professional goals in the long term through individual further training measures.
  • Our employees benefit from exciting challenges and demanding projects.

An open mind: We attach great importance to the opinions of our employees. Our employees are happy to tell us directly or via Kununu and Fair Career what they like about their day-to-day work and what we can improve. We welcome positive feedback and criticism helps us to identify weaknesses and make the working environment even more pleasant.

Your advantages with iSAX

Family & career

Family and career

At iSAX, you don't have to choose between job and family. On the contrary: we help our employees to successfully combine both with individual working time models, temporary leave or the offer of part-time and remote working.

Work in a flexible way

Work in a flexible way

Our aim is to work together with our employees to create tailor-made work assignments. To this end, we offer flexibility in terms of time and location in many areas, create the necessary technical conditions or enable you to work from home or part-time.

iSAX Talk

Continuous exchange

We encourage our employees to exchange ideas and try to keep everyone involved up to date in terms of company and product development. In addition to annual iSAX meetings or regular team meetings of the specialist departments, all news and dates relating to iSAX are also made available on the intranet.

Challenging tasks

Challenging tasks

We guarantee excellent framework conditions for the individual design of your professional goals as well as responsible, challenging tasks. With us, you will have the opportunity to develop and contribute your skills. Depending on the department and specialist area, you can develop your individual skills.


Company events & benefits

The commitment of our employees is rewarded: whether it's our large family and Christmas parties, employee gifts for personal occasions, our company health initiative "fit2work", company pension scheme, free water, coffee or tea or table football as a little diversion during breaks - there's something for everyone at iSAX.

Permanent employment contracts

Permanent employment contracts

We offer you economic and personal planning security: right from the start, our employees receive a permanent employment contract. In addition, every employee at iSAX is entitled to 30 days vacation.

Your career at iSAX

A career at iSAX can be planned. We believe that standing still means going backwards. That's why we are looking for employees who are both motivated doers and hungry for knowledge, who want to make progress and make a difference. The constantly changing requirements and our professional focus on the hyped topics of the IT sector, coupled with our flat hierarchies, form the basis for a variety of development profiles. Whether you are a graduate, specialist or manager, iSAX offers individually tailored development and training opportunities. We plan your personal development path with you based on your career aspirations and expectations. Tell us where you want to go and we'll go there together.

Hervorragende Karrierechancen

Employee statements

Employees' opinions about iSAX

Tony Dietrich
Head of Industry 4.0 Solutions

"As Portfolio Manager for Production Automation, I can actively help shape the company's range of products and services. Challenging projects paired with individual support not only make work a lot of fun, but also make iSAX the ideal employer."

Employees' opinions about iSAX

Stefanie Wiegand
Sales Director

"Flat hierarchies, fast decision-making processes and a great deal of personal freedom in organizing my work are very important to me. At iSAX, all of this is combined with innovative digital solutions, a very good team with team spirit and a varied client portfolio. Therefore, iSAX is a great place!"

Employees' opinions about iSAX

Robert Stelzmann
Software Architect

"In addition to the flat hierarchies and the family environment, I particularly appreciate the challenging tasks and the great variety in everyday project work. New technologies and methods are not only observed with suspicion, but actively evaluated and used. I am also motivated by the very high degree of individual freedom, responsibility and creative freedom that I am given. Commitment - even beyond customer projects - is not only encouraged, but also appreciated."

Employees' opinions about iSAX

Orhan Yesilbas
Senior Personnel Consultant & Headhunter

"iSAX is a special company for me. It is more a part of the family than an employer. The team spirit is strong and people support each other as a team. I also find the openness and transparency towards customers remarkable. The aim of the company is not to achieve goals quickly, but to satisfy the customer in a long-term partnership."

Mitarbeiter über iSAX

Florian Specht
Software Developer

"As an apprentice, I had the chance to help shape my training at iSAX. This not only ensured that I enjoyed my work, but also guaranteed that I could improve my weaknesses and build on my strengths. After my apprenticeship, I was taken on by iSAX, and as a software developer I am involved in exciting projects."

Employees' opinions about iSAX

Birgit Jähnigen
Account Manager

"iSAX is the right employer for me because as a sales account manager I can use my creativity every day and have a varied range of tasks. Here I am constantly confronted with challenges that require flexibility, good ideas, brains, patience, reliability and sensitivity - and that's why I enjoy it so much. We solve problems and complex tasks together as a team. Maybe that's also the reason why I feel so comfortable at iSAX."

Mitarbeiterstimmen über iSAX

Sybille Schindler
Clerk to the secretary's office

"It's a pleasure to work at iSAX. I appreciate the variety of my work, the interaction with people and the trust that is placed in me. We are a good, helpful and friendly team."

Employees' opinion about iSAX

Fritz Herrmann Hommel

"I completed a two-week student internship at iSAX and programmed an application with Android Studios. I had a lot of fun at work and found it very helpful to have a tutorial course and a helpful internship supervisor. I can recommend iSAX to everyone because of the excellent working atmosphere."

Good to know: application process & interview at iSAX

1. How does the application process work?

Step 1: Send us your detailed application. We will send you a confirmation as soon as we receive it.

Confirmation of receipt immediately after your application


Step 2: The HR department will check whether your profile and qualifications match our requirements. The specialist department will then also get an idea of your knowledge and skills.

Review of the application


Step 3: If you have convinced us, we will invite you to meet us in person. Here you can clarify all your questions and expectations directly with the managers.

Job interview


Step 4: Does everything suit you and us? Then we will make you an offer and discuss the contractual framework.

Contract negotiation

2. How do you prepare for an interview with us?

You have applied for a job with us. You have impressed us with your application. We would now like to invite you to meet us in person. Congratulations. You have successfully overcome the first hurdle in our application process. Now you want to continue to do everything right in the rest of your application. We will give you a few tips here.

3. The first next step

Please confirm by e-mail whether you can attend the interview. This lets us know that the date is suitable for you and that we can prepare all the next steps for the interview.

4. Good preparation is important

You should know the job you have applied for well. This does not mean memorizing the job advertisement, but thinking about what the tasks entail and recognizing what a working day in this position might look like. Find out more about us in advance. Take a look at our careers page here. Use our company homepage. You will find a lot of information on these pages. Social media channels such as Xing, LinkedIn or Facebook are further sources of information. You can also read applicant and employer reviews on Kununu. This will help you discover other people's experiences with us. Prepare personal questions. What motivates you to apply for a job with us? What are your expectations of us? What are your personal goals? You should also know what you can offer us and what experience you have.

5. Fine feathers make fine birds. What's it like at iSAX?

We don't have a strict dress code. It is important to us that our employees feel comfortable in their clothes. We have a casual dress code at our branches. Casual means an appropriate leisure look.

6. Plan your journey to us

Plan your journey in good time. Check which means of public transport you can best use. If you are traveling by car, find out about parking options in advance. Plan your journey with a little time buffer. Bear in mind that you might miss a connection that is too close or get stuck in a traffic jam. It is best to arrive 10 minutes before the agreed appointment time. Our colleagues will already know that you are coming.

7. Tips for starting a conversation

Do you know the name of your contact person? If not, you should ask them in advance. If there are other people present at the interview and you were unable to understand their name during the introductory round, ask right at the beginning. Small talk can also be very helpful during the warm-up phase. Try to maintain eye contact with everyone during the interview. We offer our applicants something to drink during the interview. Don't be afraid to accept this offer.

8. Be authentic

Nervousness during an interview is completely normal. With us, you don't have to pretend. We are looking for authentic employees. Of course, we will also ask you specific questions during the interview. Try to give us practical examples. Perhaps you have already had similar experiences in internships, working student activities or during your thesis. Tell us about it. By the way, we don't expect you to have the right answer for every question.

9. Ask questions

Think about what questions you have for us in advance. About iSAX, our culture, our products and brands, but also what else you would like to know about the job. Make the most of this opportunity. With us, an interview is not a one-sided round of questions. You also have an influence on how and in which direction it develops.

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