Cloud platform with extensive features & resilience

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers more than 200 services on a globally connected cloud platform. AWS works across industries and provides more comprehensive functionalities than most comparable IoT platforms. These range from infrastructural features such as the most diverse databases to modern aspects such as machine learning or data lakes.

The advantage for you is that virtually any scenario can be mapped on the basis of AWS services. The migration of existing solutions from your previous infrastructure to the cloud is also quick and easy with AWS.

What is AWS? | Amazon Web Services

Cloud migration with AWS

Migration to the cloud for sustainable cost reduction

Security architecture on the basis of AWS

A security architecture you can rely on

OEE optimization with AWS

Optimization of your overall system effectiveness

Data lakes with AWS

More insight into your data through data lakes

Predictive maintenance with AWS

Systems for diagnostics and predictive maintenance


Our services for the implementation of AWS solutions

As an experienced AWS partner, we put our IoT expertise at the service of your digitization success. No matter whether you are already an AWS user and want to develop new solutions based on these cloud services or whether you want to start with existing or new applications on an open and flexible IoT platform: We advise you on your projects with Amazon Web Services and accompany you until the successful release.

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Solution architecture with AWS IoT

Building blocks for sustainable solution architecture

AWS already offers you numerous services for building sustainable solution architectures in mechanical and plant engineering, but also in numerous other industries from manufacturing to the process industry.

Our customized iSAX solutions complement these services with components for systematic collection of machine and production data, pre-processing on edge devices, and secure transfer to the cloud. Together with you, we determine the requirements for the IT/OT architecture and develop and test the appropriate solution architecture based on AWS IoT.


Worker guidance system weasl runs on AWS

Infrastructure for worker guidance, dashboards, etc.

In addition to development based on and with Amazon Web Services, we also realize the operation of standalone services and solutions for you with AWS as the technological foundation.

Thus, you can also use our worker guidance system weasl from the AWS Cloud and provide your workers with digital work instructions for all assembly processes on a fail-safe SaaS basis.

We are also happy to implement other applications such as individualized OEE dashboards or smart service solutions for you on AWS.

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Core components von of AWS IoT introduced in more detail

AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT Core is a managed cloud platform that connects your machines, assets, and systems to each other and to AWS cloud services. The service understands popular MQTT, HTTPS, and LoRaWAN communication protocols and enables you to establish secure, multi-directional communication between your IoT devices without having to deploy your own server landscape.

Through AWS IoT Core, you manage the data you receive or route it for processing and analysis. It also provides the foundation for developing applications that access the very data you receive.

AWS Greengrass

AWS IoT Greengras

With AWS IoT Greengras, you bring Amazon Web Services to your edge devices. What does it mean? Thanks to Greengras, connected devices can perform certain functions on their own, make predictions, and sync with other devices, even in the absence of an Internet connection.

It also means that Greengras devices can respond to locally collected data in near real-time. It also allows you to pre-filter and summarize data locally and forward only that data to the cloud that you need for other applications. This saves time and costs and optimizes data throughput.

AWS Analytics

AWS IoT Analytics

AWS brings a number of features for analyzing and evaluating the acquired data. One of them is AWS IoT Analytics, which allows you to filter, transform, select, or expand the mass of data.

Of course, you don't have to control all this manually, because AWS IoT Analytics automates all the steps involved in preparing machine, sensor and other data collected and delivers the results according to your specifications. But even for ad hoc queries, Analytics extracts all the data you need from its time-series data store according to your needs. Analytics thus creates the basis for more informed decisions for your Industrial IoT.


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We answer your questions about AWS IoT

Are you already using Amazon Web Services and want to implement new IoT applications? Or are you still at the beginning and have specific projects in mind that could be implemented with AWS IoT, for example? Tell us what your goals are or what obstacles are in your way. We will help you get started.