Acquiring data: from the sensor to the cloud

No company can afford to replace existing machines for the purpose of digitization. Therefore, the most diverse types of machines must be made to talk and existing equipment must be integrated. Depending on the machine, you have to start at different points.

Newer equipment may already be equipped with industry standards such as OPC UA or umati. Older machines, on the other hand, need to be integrated via proprietary interfaces or sensors and corresponding gateways. We are happy to meet this challenge.

Machine connectivity: We enable you machines to talk

Enabling machines to talk

Machine connectivity: We integrate your equipment

Integrating equipment

Making data available via machine connectivity



Our Services regarding machine connection & data acquisition

Machine connectivity via sensor & gateway

Enabling connectivity

Digitization demands connectivity. Without an interface, there is no access to machine data and its inclusion in information systems. We develop interfaces with a high degree of standardization, so that you can connect machines with diverse language protocols and controls with the least possible integration effort.

We modernize older existing machines without an interface for machine connection with "retrofit" sensor technology and suitable software.

We connect your machines to your systems

Building connectivity

With end-to-end connectivity solutions, we enable the targeted exchange of data and information from the shopfloor in your Industrial IoT.

Do you want to establish inter-machine communication or tap into new potential by transferring process and production data to control systems such as MES or ERP? As an experienced system integrator, we specialize in combining data and systems into a meaningful whole and optimizing them for effective interaction in Industry 4.0.

Data acquisition and pre-processing with Edge IoT

Edge IoT

Sensors, gateways and interfaces collect large amounts of data. To prevent all data from migrating unfiltered to your data center, we develop Edge IoT solutions that filter and pre-process the collected data already in the shopfoor.

By consolidating the data on site, Edge IoT increases the real-time capability of your Industrial IoT solution and the amount of information that can be processed.

Secure data transmission in accordance with current requirements

Transferring data securely

The data interfaces or communication protocols of the assets on the shopfloor often do not meet the current requirements of in-house IT and represent a hurdle in machine connectivity. Encrypted communication in particular is a prerequisite for secure transmission of data, some of which is sensitive, from the store floor for use in industrial IoT solutions.

With our solutions, you can make your production systems fit for integration into your corporate IT, protect the transmission of your data and make unauthorized access attempts visible.


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Frequently asked questions about machine connection and data acquisition

What are data acquisition systems?

Data acquisition systems are used to collect and store data from various sources. Depending on the type, they operate either automatically or manually and are used in a wide variety of areas. The captured data can be further processed for a variety of purposes, such as analyzing business processes or improving products and services.

What is machine data?

Machine data is data that is collected from machines and devices. They include, for example, performance data, operating data, condition data, and error and diagnostic data. This data is typically used to monitor and improve the performance, efficiency and reliability of machines. They can also be used to analyze business processes and optimize products and services.

Which types of machine data are there?

There are numerous machine data that can be collected from various machines and devices. These include:

  • performance data (voltage, amperage, temperature)
  • operating data (speed and flow rate)
  • condition data (oscillations and vibrations)
  • fault and diagnostic data
  • maintenance data
  • usage data (e.g. operating hours)
  • production data (quantities, throughput times)
  • environmental data (air quality, humidity)
  • positioning data
  • sensor and actuator data

How is machine data collected?

Machine data can be acquired in different ways, such as using:

  • sensors that measure temperature, pressure or vibrations and send this data to a data acquisition system
  • data loggers that record machine data and later read it out manually or automatically
  • machine controllers that automatically collect and store data
  • manual data entry
  • monitoring systems based on cameras or other sensors

Why machine data acquisition?

Machine data acquisition offers many advantages. Monitoring performance, operational, condition and fault data enables potential problems to be identified and rectified at an early stage. The result: less downtime and lower maintenance costs. Analyzing machine data can also help optimize processes and increase efficiency. Machine data provides insights and new knowledge that can drive innovation.

We turn your challenge into an IIoT solution

Do you want to utilize the data from your store floor for Industrial IoT solutions? Do you need to securely connect your machines and systems to your IT environment? Don't hesitate to contact us - we support you with machine connection and data acquisition