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weasl flex – the complete package for flexible work plans & checklists

More than digital checklists! - With our next-generation work instructions, there are no limits to what you can do. Transform your traditional work instructions in manufacturing and maintenance into optimized workflows. Avoid errors by providing process-safe and precise guidance to your workers.

With weasl flex, the full range of functions of our software is available to you to easily create, flexibly execute and digitally document work plans and checklists of any complexity - without restrictions, without limits!

weasl flex starter package

weasl flex im starter package: worker guidance at your fingertips

Would you like to benefit from the advantages of digital work instructions and checklists without first having to manage lengthy digitalization projects in your company? Then the weasl flex starter package is perfect for you.

Get into the next generation of worker guidance - without large investments, without any time commitments.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • 3 full user licenses for weasl as SaaS
  • no hardware investment
  • can be cancelled at any time

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Discover weasl max

weasl max – for complete integration into your IT / OT

Fully integrate worker guidance into your system landscape! Interact with third-party systems when executing work plans based on production-related data - from digital calipers or torque wrenches to EPR systems!

Maintain an overview of the progress of your production orders at all times, as well as relevant information on executing workers and existing workstations.

With weasl max, you create the link between the scheduling of your production orders and the instruction of your workers with digital work instructions.

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weasl flex

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weasl flex

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weasl max

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General features

creation and execution of work plans without restrictions
(number of work plans, executions, locations, documents)
unlimited flexible user roles
multilingual worker guidance
use as Software as a Service (SaaS)
use in own IT infrastructure (On Premises)
knowledge database
support / ticket system

Creation of work plans / digital step-by-step instructions

multimedia work instructions (photos, drawings, 3D models, videos, PDF, etc.)
forms / input validation
process designer
rule-based process control
process templates that can be referenced
release and version control

Execution of work plans

Work instructions according to experience level
dynamic worker guidance / adaptive processes
manual and time-based advancement of work steps
feedback function
recording of working time
separate notes in the work instructions
individual reports / protocols
automatic logging / documentation
statistical process control (SPC) / quality control charts

Order management

scheduling of production orders, employees, workstations
connection of existing order planning
order status in real time / order review


access to third-party systems via REST interface for bidirectional data exchange (ERP, MES, ...)
integration of electrical test equipment and tools (electrical calipers, torque wrenches, ...)
data exchange via gateways and standard protocols (PLC, MQTT, ...)
access from third-party systems to weasl via REST API (job control, process monitoring, ...)

User administration

own user administration with weasl
connection to existing user administration (Azure AD, LDAP, ...)
Single SignOn (SSO)
extensive role/rights system

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