Digital guidance systems for more efficient work

Possible applications for a digital guidance systems can be found in almost every manufacturing company. Whether it is

  • a worker guidance system to avoid errors during manual production steps,
  • a digital checklist to increase process reliability and to provide evidence of quality control
  • or a solution for remote support or remote diagnosis in service.

In many cases, such an assistance system forms the interface between humans and the digital process and thus not only supports the workers in their work, but also drives digitization in the production areas of a company.

Digital guidance system for error-free work

Working error-free

Digitale guidance systeme for the easy transmission of knowledge

Mapping work steps simply

Digital guidance systems reduce training efforts

Reducing effort for training


Digital guidance systems in production: our services

Digital systems for worker guidance

Individual worker guidance

Whether in assembly, quality assurance or maintenance, manual work steps are usually an essential part of value creation. However, these are often still paper-based and therefore time-consuming and error-prone.

This is exactly where our worker guidance system weasl comes in: Digital step-by-step instructionsgive your employees confidence in completing their tasks and at the same time ensure process reliability, while integrated test steps ensure quality and provide immediate, complete documentation and traceability – leading to fewer errors and greater efficiency.

Benefit from the advantages of individual worker management with weasl. Make the manual work steps in your company part of your Industrie 4.0.


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Digital guidance systems for remote support

Remote support

There are a number of scenarios where employees work on-site at the customer's location or at remote production sites. The maintenance of machinery and equipment is a typical example. It is not uncommon for a technician to have to travel long distances before he can even begin his work. And often, maintenance work or troubleshooting turns out to be more complex than expected.

With our solutions for remote diagnostics and remote maintenance, you can optimally plan your maintenance tasks in advance, narrow down error situations and make corresponding data such as software updates available centrally.

And if your technicians do encounter unforeseen problems during on-site maintenance, we offer a remote support solution with Vuforia Chalk: an expert supports the on-site technician remotely via interactive video.


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Despite all the digitalization, people must never be left out of the focus. Therefore, integrate them into the digital transformation of your company with a digital guidance system and optimize all manual processes at the same time. We have the right systems for you. Ask us for a demo appointment or a consultation.


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