Elmar Reuter of Alpha Verteilertechnik GmbH„With a growing shortage of experienced and qualified employees, weasl is the lever to ensure assembly quality.“

Elmar Reuter | Retired Managing Director | Alpha Verteilertechnik GmbH

Why should you rely on digital worker guidance?

People will continue to be an irreplaceable resource in production in the future. Supporting them in their daily work with the means of digitalization is the task of our worker guidance system. With weasl, you digitalize and optimize your processes and help your employees avoid mistakes when processing their orders. As a result, you increase your productivity and sustainably reduce your costs.

Consistently digital & flexible

  • Paperless manufacturing:You avoid printouts and error-prone, time-consuming paper-based processes are eliminated.
  • Digital instructions, drawings, etc.:Your workers have access to up-to-date information and documents at every workstation.
  • Improved feedback capability:Your workers can feed information back directly. Feedback quality and rate increase.
  • Save costs, ensure quality:The end-to-end digital flow of information in production pays off for you.

worker with a tablet in a production environment

What is weasl and what are the system's key features?

Our worker guidance system weasl is the optimal solution for more efficiency in your production. It adapts to the skill level of your workers and guides them individually and safely through the work instructions in a wide variety of work plan variants. This puts you a decisive step ahead of the competition.

weasl Logo

weasl license model concurrent user

Subscription software

License model: concurrent user

weasl runs in the cloud or on premises

Flexible operation model

Cloud (SaaS) or on premises

weasl support a whole range of devices

Mobile & stationary

on pc, tablet, smartphone, ...

weasl runs on certified, encrypted platforms


Certified cloud provider, encryption

weasl modules create your perfect system


expandable according to your needs

Perfectly connected to your systems

Integrates with your systems

from IT systems to test tools

Continuous weasl support

Incl. software maintenance

without additional maintenance contract

Would you like to learn more?

Would you like to learn more?

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How can weasl benefit your company?

Processes in manual assembly require a lot of knowledge, preparation and skills from the employee. With our worker guidance system weasl you create an important interface between the planning and execution of work orders, between information / systems and your workers.

Schematic depiction of weasl plans

Display complex work plans in a simple way

  • manual or automated modeling of processes
  • creating work instructions – from simple checklists to complex decision trees
  • mapping and linking manual and automated work steps
  • integration of external media and third-party systems

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Which core functions does weasl offer?

At the center of weasl is the work order, which must be mapped, processed and documented. Therefore, our system provides you with all the tools you need to create or import your work plans, to make them available to your workers digitally and precisely to the order, and to document all work progress in a verifiable manner.

weasl - for authors of work instructions

For authors of work instructions:

Work plan editing

Use the editor to easily create, edit and manage work plans or generate them automatically.

  • model processes
  • create work steps
  • integrate documents

weasl - for dispatchers and foremen

For dispatchers and foremen:

Order management

With weasl you manage the distribution of orders to be processed to workstations and available workers.

  • import/create orders
  • manage orders
  • review orders

weasl - for workers

For workers:

Order execution

Our guidance system leads your workers through their orders and logs all progress and entries.

  • carry out assembly steps
  • carry out test steps
  • document results

weasl packages to fit your needs

weasl flex

weasl flex

Flexible creation, processing and documentation of work plans and checklists

weasl flex starter package

weasl flex starter package

Your entry into the next generation of worker management - without large investments, without time commitment.

weasl max

weasl max

The functional scope of weasl flex combined with maximum integrability.

Securely integrated on leading platforms

With weasl, you decide how best to integrate the system into your existing environment. We recommend operation as software-as-a-service and AWS as the cloud platform. Other cloud platforms such as MS Azure are also possible. We offer weasl as an app in the ADAMOS STORE or as an app on the MPDV Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP). In addition, numerous other integration options are open to you thanks to compatibility with TRANSCONNECT. This means that some of the most important industry platforms are available to you as a basis for weasl and numerous other IoT projects.

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weasl is a MIP certified mApp

Logo Transconnect by SQL

Read more about application areas & functions

weasl use cases

Use cases

weasl is highly customizable and adapts exactly to your conditions and processes. At its core, it is always the ideal guidance system for use cases such as:

  • worker guidance
  • quality control
  • tracking & Tracing

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weasl application areas

Application areas

Our system guides you safely through the processes along your value chain. It provides digital work instructions and checklists for, among other things:

  • production engineering
  • assembly
  • maintenance

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weasl benefits and advantages

Benefits & advantages

Make the right adjustments to leverage unused potential:

  • reduce training times for your employees
  • reduce media discontinuity by means of consistent digitally designed work plans
  • ensure product quality through digital quality control

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weasl features

Feature overview

With weasl, all essential features for the optimization and digitalization of manual processes are at your finger tips.

  • graphical drag & drop editor
  • integration of drawings, videos, ...
  • documentation, reports, quality control

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