Comprehensive IIoT functionalities for every aspect of digital transformation

ThingWorx includes pre-built applications and developer tools to help you quickly launch your project and accelerate success. Leverage the comprehensive technology framework consisting of connectivity, device clouds, business logic, machine learning, analytics, as well as remote service applications.

ThingWorx empowers you and your business to optimize the way you work and compete by rapidly implementing innovative IoT solutions.

ThingWorx Industrial IoT Platform

Machine integration by means of an IoT platform

Integrate devices and applications

Develop applications with ThnigWorx

Develop complete IoT applications using preconfigured tools

ThingWorx Analytics

Analyze and proactively use information from data

Central device management with PTC ThingWorx

Centrally manage networked devices, systems and processes

Employee support

Deploy IoT solutions to support employees


Our services as ThingWorx integrator

As an experienced and long-standing PTC partner, we support you in digitizing your business processes with ThingWorx. Benefit from our IoT expertise and customize the IIoT platform to your specific environment, requirements and business goals. Capture and analyze data, link and coordinate processes, and create powerful web and mobile applications on your own. We provide you with the perfect foundation and support you as an integration partner.

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Integration of and solutions with PTC ThingWorx

System and architecture consulting

A holistic architectural approach forms the IT foundation and is central to the quality and success of your digitization measures. We advise you on planning, developing and modernizing your system architecture with ThingWorx - so everything runs smoothly right from the start.

Integration of and solutions for PTC ThingWorx

IIoT solution design and interaction design​

Our experts make it easy for you to get started with your IoT project using ThingWorx. Based on your requirements, we create a concept for a suitable approach that makes the complexity of your applications manageable.

tegration of and solutions for PTC ThingWorx

Implementation of web solutions​

With ThingWorx you can implement web-based solutions and applications of any size. Numerous tools and assets are available for this purpose straight out of the factory. Low-code approaches are also possible without any problems, so that you can adapt and model your applications independently.

tegration of and solutions for PTC ThingWorx

Integration of third-party systems

You can integrate different types of devices, machines and applications in ThingWorx via a variety of interfaces, network them with each other and make their information analyzable. We develop solutions for you that enable connection and data exchange in the most diverse structures.


A more detailed look at selected components

ThingWorx Foundation

ThingWorx Foundation

ThingWorx Foundation is the heart of ThingWorx and the actual technological platform behind it. It connects with other components such as ThingWorx Utilities, ThingWorx Analytics, Kepware and Vuforia.

ThingWorx Foundation establishes connectivity to assets and devices on the shop floor and enables them to connect with each other. As an end-to-end technology, it collects, processes and analyzes collected data and thus forms the basis for the development of user-centric IIoT applications.


ThingWorx Analytics

With ThingWorx Analytics, you can automate operations without the need for a data scientist. Gain information from real-time data and make predictions to increase your business success.

The application makes analyzing your data as easy as possible. This allows you to focus on the benefits and advantages of your data, such as optimizing efficiency, predicting problems, and avoiding downtime.

Unlock Actionable Insights in Your Operational Data with Powerful IIoT Analytics Capabilities


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Are you looking for a suitable integration platform for your company? Then ThingWorx could be just right for you. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you. In addition, we can provide you with personal access data for selected demonstrations that will show you in detail various scenarios and possible uses of the IIoT platform. Contact us.

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