Modular plants benefit from ThingWorx POL

Plug-and-Produce becomes reality with ThingWorx POL

Your production job is finished and you want to convert your plant for the next job in the shortest possible time? ThingWorx POL makes it possible. Assemble the modules of your plant for the new order and ThingWorx POL reads the MTP data from the different modules and creates a digital twin of the complete plant. You save engineering efforts and are ready for production in no time.

  • automatic import of Module Type Packages
  • simple transfer of visualization information
  • automatic deletion of removed modules from the POL

More flexibility for the process industry

Your entire shopfloor in a seamless integration environment

Isolated solutions, a wide variety of interfaces, a lack of consistency - the productivity of your machines and systems suffers as a result. With ThingWorx and ThingWorx POL, you build an IIoT ecosystem for your entire store floor. Integrate all your assets and

  • get maximum transparency about your processes
  • process and analyze process-relevant data
  • increase your productivity and efficiency

Manage modular plants easily

Automatic data acquisition and storage for analytics

ThingWorx is an IIoT platform with numerous functionalities that go beyond the capabilities of a Process Orchestration Layer. With a ThingWorx-based POL, you visualize and control your assets. You also capture all the data your modules provide and store it for evaluation and analysis.

  • automatic data acquisition
  • visualization of live data
  • trend analyses based on collected data


Process orchestration redefined with ThingWorx POL

ThingWorx POL for the process industry

ThingWorx POL delivers all the functionality you need to orchestrate your production processes. From the import and control of all your process equipment assemblies to the bidirectional communication of all instances to the automated visualization of the plant: ThingWorx POL optimizes and accelerates your processes sustainably. ThingWorx POL itself enables the modules to communicate with each other and records and logs all module data.

ThingWorx POL is based on the IIoT platform ThingWorx from PTC and opens up a whole range of possible areas of application for you. ThingWorx is flexible and individually adaptable to your specific requirements and systems.

That's what ThingWorx POL delivers

Easy import of modules and plants

Integration and translation of the MTP into ThingWorx

All major services in one ecosystem

Highly customizable according to your requirements

Open platform for overlapping IIoT scenarios

This is what you achieve with our solution

Time savings due to high automation potential

Shortening of commissioning times

Increase of flexibility

Avoidance of errors through standardization & reusability

Reduction of costs

Interested in ThingWorx POL? We'll be happy to tell you more

Do you have questions about ThingWorx, its use as POL or the feasibility of your planned use cases? Contact us without obligation.

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