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As a subsidiary of the Dürr Group, Dürr Somac is the world's leading manufacturer of filling systems and filling adapters for liquids and gases. The company develops, produces and assembles filling systems for the automotive industry, automotive suppliers and for manufacturers of commercial vehicles, buses, motorcycles as well as agricultural machinery and special vehicles. Dürr Somac also has core competencies in measuring and testing technology, application consulting and offers a worldwide service network.


In final vehicle assembly, various components such as ABS brakes, power steering systems, clutches, engines, transmissions, radiators or air conditioning systems are filled with operating fluids by machine. Filling takes place on different lines depending on the component. Dürr Somac would like to offer "smart" services to support its customers in optimizing the various filling processes.


iSAX provided support in requirements analysis, solution architecture development, UI/UX design and implementation. The services were implemented using modern web technology. Sensor data is collected using AWS services and components developed by Dürr.


The project resulted in various services and applications developed by Dürr Somac and iSAX for managing, evaluating and visualizing process and machine data for filling processes.

Dürr Somac's customers can use the digital services offered to both increase the productivity of their filling systems and improve the quality and service life of their products.


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