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A world record attempt should happen, in which sailor Norbert Sedlacek Koch sails around the world with an innovative yacht single-handedly, without interruption and without outside help, amidst great media attention.
Ant Arctic Lab operates a website in which a live map was to be integrated as a widget to display the yacht's current position and course. For the recognition of a world record, it was additionally necessary to store the position data in a tamper-proof way.


iSAX has taken on route tracking and developed a solution that continuously documents the position of the Open60AAL sailing yacht. A GPS transmitter sends the data via an AWS API gateway to an Amazon S3 cloud storage. From there, the data is further processed and made available for map visualization.


Unfortunately, the 2019 record attempt had to be cancelled due to inclement weather. However, the iSAX tracking solution based on AWS will be on board for the next record attempt in 2020.