April 21, 2022 | Author: Christin Senftleben | Reading time: approx. 6 minutes

Funding for licensing costs with "Digital Jetzt"

Some companies are already familiar with the federal government's "Digital Jetzt" funding program. But only a few know that, in addition to further training and hardware equipment, license costs are also funded.

The prerequisite is that the application supports the "internal and external networking" of your company and improves your processes. If this is the case, the federal government covers the licensing costs of software for up to one year with a time-limited right of use. Both SaaS solutions and on-premises solutions are funded.

Is weasl fundable?

weasl licenses are eligible for funding in both the SaaS and on-premises operating models. The funding office of the Ministry of Economics reviews each application individually. Of course, we cannot predict what the decision will be in each individual case. However, we can give you good reasons why weasl and the license costs should be reimbursed:

Focal point I fulfilled: "Improvement of processes in the company"

  • paperless processes on the shopfloor
  • efficient design of complex and varied assembly processes
  • reduction of order throughput times
  • high process reliability and quality in the production process
  • immediate error detection and correction
  • noticeable reduction in workload for employees
  • significantly simplified training processes for new employees
  • digital knowledge storage in the company

Funding priority II fulfilled: "Support for internal and external networking"

  • digital interface between planning and execution of work orders as well as between information / systems and your workers
  • easy integration into existing IT systems and linking with third-party systems for a continuous flow of information without media breaks

By the way: Our worker guidance system is designed to integrate quickly and easily into your IT and OT world. Thanks to a flexible pricing model, you can adapt the scope of services and the number of user licenses individually to your requirements.

The key points of the

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How do you benefit from funding for digitization?

A lot, because it can get the ball rolling and cushion financial expenses. Take the first step and benefit quickly and sustainably from digitalization with weasl. In just a few moves, you can replace paper-based processes in production, improve the efficiency of manual work steps, reduce errors and expensive rework, and thus increase your company's productivity.

How do you receive the funding?

You can apply for funding via the funding portal of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection. Information on the exact funding conditions, application deadlines, funding amounts, and much more can be found on  the ministry's website.

Is there further support?

Yes. In addition to the federal and state funding programs, there is also financial support for digitalization in companies at the EU level. Here you can apply for funding for projects in the following areas, among others:

  • building the infrastructure for collecting and analyzing large amounts of data (Big Data applications)
  • development of digital twins
  • development of IoT platforms
  • development of predictive maintenance applications

As an experienced, long-standing partner of manufacturing companies, we implement IoT solutions in industry for you.

Project funding as a first step of your digitalization roadmap


The "Digital Jetzt" funding program gives you the opportunity to have licenses for a worker guidance system funded by the federal government. A modern system such as our weasl already fulfills key funding criteria, so there is a good chance that your application will be approved. Applications for funding must be submitted to the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, which examines each application in detail.

How can we support you?

Are you still at the beginning of digitalization or are you in the middle of it? Do you have a specific project inquiry, do you need an IoT solution architecture or help in selecting a suitable IoT platform? Get in touch with us - we will be happy to advise you.