Bericht von der DecompileD 2024

March 13, 2024

Last Friday, the DecompileD Conference 2024 took place at the Parkhotel Dresden. The program is always varied and complements the existing Dresden conference landscape in the IT sector (JSD, DevDay, Mobile Camp, etc.) very well. All slots are pleasantly compact and focused (30-45 minutes) and the topics are wide-ranging and not overly technology-centered. The location is also very chic and offers a lot to see apart from the conference program, many entertainment options in the form of analog and digital games and excellent catering.

The main thematic focus was clearly on UI/UX, Agile and DevOps. AI was of course also omnipresent again.

Our session highlights were:

“Looks GREAT To Me: Getting Past Bare Minimum Code Reviews” by Adrienne Braganza Tacke
A very entertaining and informative presentation dedicated to the question of why nobody actually wants to do code reviews, why they are carried out superficially and how we can improve this. There were also lots of very specific tips.

“Monte Carlo knows it better: Effective forecasting in an agile environment” by Marc Gebler
Detailed planning and agile working methods do not go together. Estimates are patchwork and everything always turns out differently anyway. Nevertheless, this does not save us from the nagging question “How long will it still take?”. The session showed nicely how Monte Carlo methods can be used to arrive at better forecasts based on existing data without much additional effort.

“Develop CI/CD-pipelines locally with” by Fabian Kretzer
Every developer knows the problem: Pipeline runs take forever and are difficult to recreate locally. In addition, there are crude yamls with lots of embedded script code. This makes optimizing and adapting pipelines difficult and nerve-wracking. is an interesting alternative that attempts to combine the advantages of pipelines (abstraction, isolation through containers) with the advantages of a local development environment (familiar tools and programming languages).

We also took a look at:

“Keynote: Layoffs, Crisis, Developer productivity, Gen AI & My life in between?” by Rutuja Joshi

“Keynote: Empowering Digital Sovereignty and Resilience through Open Source” by Marius Feldmann and Mirko Swillus

“Exploring Design Systems: Implementation and Maintenance Across Platforms” by Tomasz Krol

“Agile in Cycles: Bias for Delivery and Eliminating the Waste of Incomplete Work” by Maya Shallouf and Michael Fröhlich

“DevOps Ideals – Simplicity & Locality” by Daniel Schier

Overall, the conclusion is very positive. A visit to the next DecompileD is already firmly on our agenda.

Author: Robert Stelzmann