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Our customer Profiroll Technologies, world market leader in cold forging, aims to at least double the multi-machine operating factor in its parts production. To optimize the manufacturing process, an "Intelligent Worker Assistance" with an individually configurable and expandable dashboard was to be developed. The goal was to display all information relevant to the operator, such as order lists, machine overviews, and OEE key figures, in a clear and concise manner. Current order-related data, such as drawings, parts lists, and order data, should be available to the employee at a glance and he should be able to react more quickly in the event of malfunctions or errors.


  • joint requirements analysis for "Intelligent Worker Assistance"
  • development of a solution, implementation and design concept
  • introduction of the integration platform ThingWorx as sustainable solution architecture
  • integration of standard software systems such as ERP, DMS, QMS, CAD and various self-developed stand-alone solutions
  • machine connection via OPC/UA with new protocol standard "umati"
  • development of a dashboard to display orders, machines and key figures
  • extension of the modern machine terminal by order-related set-up instructions and possible maintenance windows
  • realization of modern operating and machine data acquisition via one platform
  • training of the Profiroll team for independent maintenance and further development of the application on ThingWorx basis


  • access to information - role-specific, up-to-date and directly at the machine
  • multi-machine operating factor at least doubled
  • availability of employees increased
  • better scheduling of the necessary personnel achieved
  • production overheads reduced
  • setup times optimized
  • planning and execution of maintenance activities improved
  • machine availability increased