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The time-consuming, paper and Excel-based recording and documentation of production and test data as well as of manufacturing and processing procedures was to be replaced by digital recording and processing. This aimed at meeting the increasing customer requirements for transparency and verification obligations.


  • digital data acquisition and processing at workstations, some of which are mobile, using robust hardware and flexible software solutions
  • combination of sensor solution and IoT gateway from the company in.hub as technological basis for data acquisition
  • individual software solution based on MQTT
  • data evaluation in the connected ERP system


  • lightweight and efficient data exchange that does not unnecessarily burden the internal WLAN network
  • ensures transparency, efficiency and high quality of manufacturing processes
  • linking of machine and quality data provides insight into the causes and effects of the manufacturing process
  • fulfillment of highest demands on quality and reliability possible
  • noticeable increase in economic efficiency
  • reduction of documentation and administration effort by almost 70 percent
  • automated issuing of certificates for the manufactured product


individual software development