iSAX beim juFORUM Congress 2024

April 4, 2024

Bright sunshine greeted us on Saturday morning in Bad Schönborn on the premises of Pionix GmbH, the organizer of the Startup Day as part of the 24th juFROUM Congress 2024. The event addressed issues related to starting a business, including all the challenges and barriers. In addition to various workshops, there were barcamps on topics from business, technology and science throughout the day. The individual topics came from the participants, which led to a colorful mix of questions ranging from quantum physics and software programming to monogamy and the compatibility of marriage. It was an exciting experience to be here.

As a co-sponsor of this year’s event, we were on site as a small team from iSAX Expertenservice to conduct a workshop with almost 30 participants from a total of 125 pupils and students from Germany and, in some cases, other countries.

Alongside other interesting speakers such as Dr. Jens Brandenburg, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and representatives from innoWerft and Collins Aerospace, we held a 60-minute workshop to discuss the question “What skilled workers will the digital IT of tomorrow need? – Requirements for employees and employers”.

Digitalization is leading to constant change in the world of work. For us as IT natives, this is nothing new. But this change not only brings new challenges for the employees of the future. Employers must also follow suit in order to remain attractive to employees in the long term.

As a personnel service provider, we are the link between employers and employees. That’s why we at iSAX Expertenservice are exactly the right people to talk to when it comes to changes in the labor market. We are in contact with both employers and employees and therefore always have a direct insight into current developments.

In the course of the workshop, we wanted to capture new impulses directly at the source with the participants. In small groups of around 10 people, we focused on the topic of applications and CVs and the things that need to be considered here. We gave concrete suggestions on no-gos and areas for improvement. In two other groups, we worked on the position of employers and employees. Here we wanted to know from the participants where they look for jobs nowadays, what is important to them in a potential employer or what a company can do to retain employees in the long term.

We would like to take this opportunity to praise and thank the participants for their great cooperation. We were pleasantly surprised by this.

Finally, we would of course like to thank the fantastic team led by Vincent Enders from the German Young Researchers Network – juFORUM e.V. We were warmly welcomed and looked after by you. Many thanks for the smooth organization and the opportunity to meet young people and future talents on the job market.

Author: Vanessa Heitlinger