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With the replacement of the old ERP and the introduction of ASM Production Planner, a new interface for setup optimization was to be developed. This interface should extract the material requirements from the setups and convert them into stock removal orders for logistics. In the process, stock reconciliation was to be performed automatically in the Kardex and other warehouses and a report generated. The reports were to show the stock removal in the correct order, i.e. in the correct stocking sequence.


  • development of a new interface between Kardex and SMT lines
  • location comparison of material stocks for each order
  • retrieval commands for the order related material are triggered
  • PDF report is generated showing how materials need to be distributed to the placement machines
  • web interface to view current and previous reports and errors


  • improved coordination between Kardex and SMT
  • fewer blockages in the material flow and thus less downtime
  • improved overview of material locations and stocks
  • optimization of warehouse utilization and inventories
  • new, clearly arranged web application