company from the security industry


To ensure the quality of sensitive products, the company relied on Excel-based inspection plans and documentation. These were to be replaced by a modern software solution.

The focus was on using a modern worker guidance system to guide employees through the inspection process using current, approved inspection plans from SAP, as well as for record keeping and data collection for an electronic quality control chart.


iSAX implemented the entire productive introduction of the worker assistance system weasl:

  • mapping of the previous process and analysis of the requirements
  • implementation consulting and design of a solution architecture
  • creation of an individual weasl module for statistical process control (SPC)
  • data visualization as electronic quality control chart
  • SAP integration
  • integration of test tools
  • support during the weasl installation in the company as well as the production introduction


  • more process reliability & improved verification
  • higher data quality in production
  • effort reduction through SAP integration
  • automated data archiving for more effective analysis
  • creation of potential for optimizing product quality