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Manufacturing companies are under increasing pressure due to rising product variance, but must nevertheless meet customer requirements with consistent quality while remaining economical themselves. In a joint showcase with Limtronik and other partners, we investigated how this can be achieved in high-variance electronics manufacturing. The aim was to show how the requirements of high product variance can be met with the functions of a flexible worker guidance system. The focus was primarily on zero errors, process reliability and efficiency.


  • demonstration based on the assembly of a smart home device
  • manual tasks at a stationary workstation with optical monitoring
  • inspection and rework on a flexible workstation via tablet or data glasses guided by weasl
  • weasl provided relevant, up-to-date information on the assembly in the required depth of information
  • step-by-step guidance through the work process
  • additional integration of inspection orders into the work plan
  • immediate validation of inspection results by weasl
  • automatic storage of all process data and input values by weasl and transfer to connected systems


The implementation of our worker assistance system weasl resulted in numerous added values for electronics production:

  • avoidance of errors during manual assembly tasks and during the recording of test values
  • process-reliable execution
  • more efficient processing of orders
  • reduction of verification and documentation effort