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Kuraray had the objective of "digitizing manufacturing." This included the creation of an end-to-end, digital production support system that would simplify all work processes and make them more efficient. In addition, unique ID coding was to be established as a basis for better traceability and for future requirements. For this purpose, ThingWorx from PTC quickly emerged as a suitable IoT platform, which is also predestined for the connection of other company systems as well as the integration of SAP.


  • deployment of ThingWorx with various features and a view to extensibility for new filling processes
  • creation of an application framework for user guidance, data storage and management of process orders
  • automated and regular retrieval of new process orders from SAP
  • feedback of created process data to SAP after order completion
  • integration of LIMS and scanner connection for more process reliability in quality assurance, release and tracking
  • connection of various external systems to ThingWorx


  • direct and paperless data exchange between the networked workstations and the integrated IT systems
  • end-to-end digital filling processes and thus higher efficiency
  • transparent and simplified processes thanks to workflow-based process controls