The Ant Arctic Lab Ultimate Sailing Challenge is an epic voyage being undertaken by Norbert Sedlacek Koch and a team of sailors and yacht builders, designers, architects, and engineers. Koch will complete the journey of 34,000 nautical miles single-handedly and without assistance. The team has been long hard at work crafting the vessel to make it all possible, pushing the envelope in terms of technology, software, and engineering.

faizod was recruited by the team to supply them with faizod.GPS-Blockchain Tracker software. As Koch embarks on the journey, his path will be seamlessly tracked and recorded in a Blockchain. The software developed by our team pulls the GPS coordinates and transfers them to the Blockchain, recording coordinates as transactions.

This enables those interested to use the map below to constantly check the location of the boat. In the position logbook, the coordinates are made visible exactly. Those interested also have the option to download all sailing data below.

Hier können Sie die Segeldaten herunterladen.


Hier sehen sie die Positionsdaten des Botes.

Track map will go here.

Supported by and faizod.GPS-Blockchain Tracker